SSA-CND /2002

Notification on THAICOM-5 satellite experienced temporary technical problems


Thaicom Public Company Limited (“Company”) would like to inform you that the Thaicom 5 satellite experienced a temporary technical problem, the probable cause of which is known as “Electrostatic Discharge” (ESD).  The technical problem occurred at around 9:10 GMT yesterday, disrupting all satellite services on the Thaicom 5 satellite.  The unusual incident resulted in the satellite adjusting itself automatically into “Safe Mode” which results the satellite turning itself towards the sun, thus resulting in the disruption of the broadcasting signals.  The Company managed to return the Thaicom 5 satellite to service at approximately 11:50 GMT, with a resumption of complete service at approximately 13:20 GMT.


The ESD incident did not damage the Thaicom 5 satellite in any way, and the satellite did not move outside the orbital position of 78.5 degrees east. 


The Electrostatic Discharge cannot be predicted in advance, and its occurrence is quite rare.  However, the Company followed specified measures and administrative procedures in accordance with engineering standards to return the satellite to normal service.


The Company would like to inform you that the incident with the Thaicom 5 satellite was due to natural causes and beyond the Company's control.  The technical problem has been resolved, and the satellite is now fully functional.  The Thaicom 5 satellite was not damaged by this incident in any way.

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