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Thaicom Public Company Limited (formerly named Shin Satellite) was founded on 7th November 1991 by Shin Corporation Plc. (�SHIN�), which was granted a 30-year Build-Transfer-Operate concession from Thailand�s Ministry of Transport and Communications (now transferred to �Ministry of Information and Communication Technology�) to operate the country�s first communications satellite. The concession expires in 2021. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand graciously named the first national communications satellite, �THAICOM� which stands for �Thai Communications�. This name signifies the linkage between �Thailand� and �Communications�.

The Company has been a publicly listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (�SET�) since 1994. Later in April 2008, the Company has changed its name to �THAICOM Plc.� using the new ticker symbol on SET as �THCOM�.

The Concession Agreement is a Build-Transfer-Operate which required the Company to build, launch into orbit and operate the THAICOM satellite. The Company must transfer the ownership of the satellites, satellite control station (TTC&M - Telemetry, Tracking, Command & Monitoring station), and all related operational equipment once the construction and installations are complete, to the Ministry of Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

Until present, THAICOM Plc. has launched five communications satellites in geosynchronous orbit including THAICOM 1A, THAICOM 2, THAICOM 3 (de-orbited), THAICOM 4 (IPSTAR) and THAICOM 5. THAICOM Plc. has built not only the world class satellite platforms, but also high quality satellite service facilities besides its main earth control station, namely �THAICOM Teleport and DTH Center�. The THAICOM Teleport and DTH Center has also been certified ISO9001:2000 since 2002. The Company continues to renewal ISO certification when expiring, to guarantee the international standard services to the customers.

Innovations have brought global attention to focus on THAICOM Plc. The Company was the first in the region to offer Ku-band, Digital Direct-to-Home broadcasting as well as the world�s first operator to employ MPEG-2/ DVB compression since 1994. With the success of the THAICOM satellite projects, THAICOM Plc. has foreseen the potential of a new generation of Internet Protocol (IP) satellites and set up the project called �IPSTAR�. IPSTAR is the world first broadband satellite which fully supports telecommunications via Internet Protocol (IP). IPSTAR technology has been developed since 2000 to increase the capacity for efficient use of bandwidth and to reduce the service cost to a lower level than that of other satellites as well as allowing fast rollout of two-way high-speed satellite broadband system. According to the IPSTAR initiative, the Company received the �Industry Innovator Award for Technology Development and Applications� in 2006 for the IPSTAR Technology from the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI).

Currently, THAICOM Plc. operates four types of businesses including satellite transponder leasing and related services, internet-related services, telephone-related services (overseas), and telephone directories and distribution.

With experiences and successful records through out these years, THAICOM Plc. intends to continue the satellite businesses with the premise since establishing, to bring the advance satellite technology for the benefit of the region, to link communications network across the region, and to promote equal opportunities for everyone for the usage of the satellite.

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