Overview : Thaicom-1A is one of the two first generation THAICOM satellites (the other being Thaicom-2) using Standard C-Band and Ku-Band frequencies. C-Band footprint coverage includes Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, and the East Coast of China. Ku-Band footprints of THAICOM-1A covers Thailand and indochina with high-powered spot beam.

Footprint Map :

 C-Band Regional Beam
 Ku-Band Spot Beam

 C-Band Regional Beam
 Ku-Band Spot Beam

Specifications :



Hughes HS-376, dual spin stabilized spacecraft

Power System


800 Watts

Launch Weight


1080 Kg.

Mass in Orbit


629 Kg. At the beginning of spacecraft's life
450 Kg. At the end of spacecraft's life.

Life Expectancy


15 years.

Transponder Capacity


C-Band = 12 (each 36 MHz)
Ku-Band = 3 tranponders (each 54 MHz)

Satellite Location


120 degrees East

Launch Agency


Arianespace of France.

Launch Date


December 17, 1993

Relocation Date


May - June, 1997

Service Date


At 78.5 degrees East, January, 1994
At 120 degrees East, June 1997

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