Thaicom 5 : Global

D/L Polarization: H (Linear), Frequency Band : Extended C-Band

TP. Receive Parameters Channel Type Encryption
2G D/L Freq:3480 MHz
Sym Rate:30000ksps
AAA TV Video Encrypted
A-Film Video Encrypted
A-Film HD Video Encrypted
Ani+ Video Encrypted
Cool Channel Video Encrypted
Fah Wan Mai Video Encrypted
Good Living Video Encrypted
I-Asia Video Encrypted
JJ Channel Video Encrypted
Living Mall Video Free-To-Air
Movie SAT Video Encrypted
Test HD Video Encrypted
Thai Visions Video Encrypted
Thairath HD Video Encrypted
Toon Toon HD Video Encrypted
TV Market SAT Video Encrypted
3G D/L Freq:3520 MHz
Sym Rate:28125ksps
Aktion Video Encrypted
AM 1143, 1494 MHz Audio Free-To-Air
AONZON TV Video Free-To-Air
ATTV Video Encrypted
FM 100.5 MHz Audio Free-To-Air
FM 107 MHz Audio Free-To-Air
FM 95 MHz Audio Free-To-Air
FM 96.5 MHz Audio Free-To-Air
FM 97.5 MHz Audio Free-To-Air
FM 99 MHz Audio Free-To-Air
FM Super Station Audio Free-To-Air
MANGORN Video Encrypted
MCOT Family Video Encrypted
MCOT HD Video Encrypted
Nhang Dunk Video Encrypted
R Family Video Encrypted
Shop & Show Video Encrypted
YUNNAN Video Encrypted
4G D/L Freq:3563.75 MHz
Sym Rate:5555ksps
NTV Video Free-To-Air
NTV Plus Video Free-To-Air
Radio Nepal Audio Free-To-Air
SRV_04 Video Free-To-Air
D/L Freq:3568.75 MHz
Sym Rate:1851.85ksps
NTV-Test Video Free-To-Air
5G D/L Freq:3600 MHz
Sym Rate:26667ksps
CH2 SD Video Free-To-Air
Cool farenheit Radio Audio Free-To-Air
Culture Wave FM 88.75 MHz Audio Free-To-Air
DDTV Video Encrypted
Gen C Video Encrypted
NEWS1 Video Encrypted
PeaceTV Video Encrypted
Ploen TV Video Encrypted
Radio Hanrgeisa SL Audio Free-To-Air
Radio Quraan SL Audio Free-To-Air
RS OTA Video Free-To-Air
Sabaidee TV SD Video Encrypted
Series Channel Video Encrypted
SLNTV Video Free-To-Air
TV5 Global Video Free-To-Air
TVK Video Free-To-Air
6G D/L Freq:3640 MHz
Sym Rate:28066ksps
BVN Video Free-To-Air
CTN-Christian Television Video Free-To-Air
Daystar Video Free-To-Air
SBN International Video Free-To-Air
Somali National TV Video Free-To-Air
The overcomer Audio Free-To-Air
The Word Network Video Free-To-Air
VRT Radio1 Audio Free-To-Air
7G D/L Freq:3664.6 MHz
Sym Rate:4165.995ksps
TVK CAMBODIA Video Free-To-Air
TVK FM 95.00MHZ Video Free-To-Air
TVK FM 96.00MHZ Video Free-To-Air
D/L Freq:3688.75 MHz
Sym Rate:2000ksps
Radio Hanrgeisa SL Audio Free-To-Air
Radio Quraan SL Audio Free-To-Air
SLNTV Video Free-To-Air
D/L Freq:3696 MHz
Sym Rate:4167ksps
KC Radio1 Audio Free-To-Air
KC Radio2 Audio Free-To-Air
KCTV Video Free-To-Air

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